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Income Qualifications


Income Qualifications

Household Size

60% Income

80% Income

1 Person$63,300$84,400
2 Person$72,360$96,480
3 Person$81,420$108,560
4 Person$90,420$120,560
5 Person$97,680$130,240
6 Person$104,940$139,920


If you are interested in applying for one of our apartment homes, we require the following documents at the time of application. Each household differs and may require further documents than what is listed below. Our team will contact you after application submission if further documentation or clarification is needed. Your timely response to documentation requests will prevent any lengthy delays in the processing of your application.

  • Valid/Unexpired Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Income (Which May Include the Following):
    • Most Recent Federal Income Tax Return For All Applicants
    • Four (4) Most Recent Consecutive Pay Stubs
    • Formal Proof of Income For The Following (If Applicable)
      • Child Support
      • Alimony
      • Social Security Benefits
      • Veterans Benefits 
      • Unemployment Benefits
      • Pension and/or Retirement Income
      • Disability Income
      • Regular Gifts or Contributions From Persons Not Members of The Household
      • Net Income From Business Operations
      • Public Assistance
      • Other Income
  • Assets
    • On the Compliance Questionnaire and Under $5,000 Affidavit, please list the current balance for all assets you declare. We require a current banking statement for every account you declare. 
    • If you have over $5,000 in assets, we require you to provide three (3) most recent months of your checking account statements and a current account statement for all other assets.